Peter Bobchin to present at TIDA Webinar on Preventability Determinations

Peter Bobchin will be presenting at a webinar on Tuesday, November 1st, sponsored by the Trucking Industry Defense Association. The webinar, entitled “FMCSA, Preventability Determinations, and How to Navigate These Issues at Deposition,” will explore FMCSA requirements for reporting accidents, addressing protections afforded under 49 U.S.C. § 504(f), and whether preventability determinations fall under the protections.

The program will review how some state courts handle the admissibility of preventability determinations at trial, and how to address the issue in preparing a safety supervisor to testify at a deposition. The webinar will also discuss the FMCSA’s voluntary Crash Preventability Demonstration Program.

The Panel members also include TIDA attorneys Rene L. Bowen of Franklin & Prokopic, P.C., in Baltimore, and Joseph Panatera of Cassiday Schade LLP, in Chicago.

TIDA members can register for the webinar via the link at the bottom of TIDA’s home page, at

Peter has been a member of TIDA for 17 years and his partner, John Lane, has been a member for most of TIDA’s existence. Together, they co-author and update TIDA’s state law summary for New York. The Association includes individuals from the trucking industry, trucking insurance and claims professionals, and attorneys who devote a substantial portion of their practice to the defense of trucking companies.