About Us

John Lane started this practice in 1997 based upon more than two decades of experience in transportation, construction and insurance litigation, the loyalty of a group of appreciative business clients who preferred personal attention from their attorney, and a vision to provide that service throughout New York and New Jersey, aggressively representing our clients with the highest levels of competence and attention to detail, and with devotion to our clients’ needs, our responsibility to our noble profession, and integrity in all we do.

In 2000, Peter Bobchin joined the firm. Peter shares John’s vision and devotion to service and principle. He brought his years of successful trial experience, especially in the adverse New York counties of Bronx and Brooklyn. Peter also brought his personal qualities of honesty, integrity and hard work, a winning personality, and a warm smile for everyone he greets.

We are blessed, too, with the finest staff that a law firm could want. Our paralegal, Jennifer Enberg, and office administrator, Louise Lane, are second to none. They make difficult work light, impossible tasks possible, all so that we can serve our clients at the highest levels.

John at site inspection

When the lawyers are not in court, at deposition settings, or at work in the office, we can be found out in the field. Our transportation and construction cases often take us to construction sites, truck-accident scenes, terminals and warehouses, and seaports. We stay abreast of our clients’ operations, so that we do not need a learning curve to be prepared to handle their legal work. Our attorneys also stay abreast of legal developments through myriad continuing legal education seminars in New York and New Jersey, as well as meetings of the Trucking Industry Defense Association, Transportation Lawyers’ Association, Defense Research Institute, American Bar Association, and others.

In the event of a catastrophic accident, our clients call us for immediate response at the scene. We coordinate the defense investigation, retaining investigators and experts as necessary meet with client personnel – including truck drivers, and maintain liaison with police and other state and federal authorities. This approach enables us to gather evidence and identify witnesses at the earliest stages, and to cloak all of the investigation with the attorney-client, and attorney work-product privileges. New Jersey courts have held that absent that direct attorney oversight, the investigative work is subject to discovery in litigation. 

The Lane Law Firm is proud to serve a select, growing group of clients. We continue to serve every client that started with us over two decades ago, and we have attracted new clients throughout that time, many coming to us on the recommendation of those who have been with us for years. We like to think that this growth is a testament to our original vision, which continues to guide us.